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Access your documents away from the office

With PerfectLaw's iDocuments™, you can access your legal documents from anywhere, at any time, using your smartphone or tablet. iDocuments™ allows you to search, select, and wirelessly stream documents and document profiles from your firm’s main server to any smartphone or tablet. As documents are streamed, they are added to your device’s local database, allowing you to view them offline until you choose to remove them.

iDocuments™ also works in unison with iSlips to automate time tracking by recording time while you read documents through the app. Both apps, which are installed through iTunes or the Play Store, stream and share related case management data like document profiles, client/matter codes, and recent matters, all from your firm’s main database server.

You'll have the ability to browse AIM® matters securely while tracking billable time anywhere, anytime, whether in a meeting or in court. You will always be prepared with iDocuments™.


  • Work with documents offline
  • Puts your PerfectLaw® DMS server in the cloud
  • Provides fast, easy, mobile document and email access
  • No longer need to print documents for meetings
  • Compatible with iOS & Android devices


  • Search, read, and download PerfectLaw® documents and document profiles on or offline
  • Search using the advanced built-in search tools
  • Share documents with your clients