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PerfectLaw 365 Software-as-a-Service

In an effort to compete in a challenging marketplace, law firms are seriously considering the benefits of cloud computing. This trend is fueled by the Cloud’s promise of better functions and features than those found in traditional systems without the complexities and costs associated with maintaining them.


With the PerfectLaw® Cloud, firms will benefit from the latest technology, reliable access to their applications, and the confidence of industry-leading disaster recovery systems. Virtually eliminated will be the high costs associated with servers, multiple vendors and personnel. Moreover, firms will be working on proven systems, designed and optimized to run PerfectLaw Software. Plus, firm administrators will find their in-house networks are simpler and more reliable, allowing them to focus less on IT and more on managing the firm.


Benefit from Top Level IT Professional Support

  • Scalability – add or remove network resources (CPUs, RAM, disk storage, and logins) effortlessly
  • Benefits of cloud storage and cloud computing
  • Reduce costs, infrastructure maintenance and IT staff workload
  • Reduce IT hassles and administrative time spent on technology issues
  • Worry-free Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


  • Backup databases offsite with automatic versioning
  • Built-in disaster recovery capabilities
  • Eliminate the need to upgrade and patch your infrastructure 99.9%+ platform uptime*
  • Enhance mobility; log into applications and access data at anytime from anywhere
  • Provide multi-office support and distributed networking
  • Increase security and reduce cyber-crime, hacking and virus attacks
  • Improve your document, email and information security