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Track and store your time entries away from the office

Is billable time slipping away when you call or email from your smartphone? If so, iSlips will capture it before it’s gone for good.  In fact, iSlips pays for itself in 1.5 hours. iSlips also works with PerfectLaw's iDocuments to track and record time spent while reading and editing documents remotely.

As data is streamed from your office database to your smartphone or tablet, iSlips updates its own matter, task, activity, and contact database. So as office data changes, so does your iSlips database.

iSlips also streams your time slips from your smartphone to your office timesheet and readies it for billing…all while you’re out of the office.


  • Never lose another minute with iSlips
  • Automatically create a time slip as you dial
  • Automatically create a time slip as you email
  • Syncs your PerfectLaw® contacts to your smartphone
  • Work offline when faced with limited connectivity
  • Eliminate the need to create and enter time retrospectively once returning to your office
  • Compatible with iOS & Android devices


  • Dial and automatically create a time slip
  • Email and automatically create a time slip
  • Enter or edit time with validated client, matter, and activity codes
  • Lookup activity codes, task codes, clients, and matters on your tablet while working on or offline
  • Track your time with iSlips timers
  • Send time slips to the time sheet in your office

PerfectLaw is a great time and billing & document management product. Purchase iSlips for PerfectLaw to extend the reach of PerfectLaw to your smartphone or tablet and make every second count.

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