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Outlook Email Integration

Drag and Drop appointments, tasks and messages from Outlook® to PerfectLaw® matter codes

Outlook Email Drag and Drop Integration is one of PerfectLaw’s ® most popular and beneficial functions. Once users have reviewed their emails or attachments they can simply drag them from Outlook to a PerfectLaw® matter or folder to import them. If the same email is dragged to the same matter by a second user; PerfectLaw® alerts them it’s already there. Likewise users can select one or more documents from PerfectLaw® and drag them into Outlook emails as attachments. PerfectLaw’s® tight integration with Outlook makes All-in-One® matter files possible by combining emails, attachments with the other docs in your database. Other functions and benefits of Outlook email integration and the All-in-One® matter file are shown below.

General Email Integration Features:

  • Microsoft® Outlook users can Link/Insert emails into one or more PerfectLaw® All-in-One® document folders
  • Email attachments can be automatically detached and profi led as separate documents during the link process
  • Emails saved in PerfectLaw® are exact copies of the originals and can be reopened in Outlook
  • Users can browse, read and copy from emails in PerfectLaw® without opening each individually profiled message in Outlook, using PerfectLaw’s split window Document Previewer feature
  • Case or matter emails can be selected, accessed, forwarded, or replied to from PerfectLaw® The resulting email once sent is automatically profiled in PerfectLaw®
  • Emails sent from Outlook can be linked via an auto-popup screen during any Outlook “send” operation
  • Emails are automatically searchable in PerfectLaw® search methods supported include advanced full text, profile, and compound searches
  • Automatic prompts for time slip entry and case/matter linking are always available when emails are sent or received

Event (appointment, task, and due date) Synchronization:

  • Users can add matter codes to Outlook appointments (or TASKS & DUE DATES) that synchronize with PerfectLaw® case/matter and attorney calendars
  • Once any Outlook event is synchronized, it remains synchronized when the
    event is changed in Outlook or PerfectLaw® the event appears in all PerfectLaw® calendars with full functionality
  • Event synchronization also supports due dates and tasks generated by PerfectLaw® rule-based docketing software
  • Any synchronized event is available to mobile devices using any wireless services supported by Microsoft® Exchange

Contact Synchronization:

  • Once users select PerfectLaw® or Outlook Contacts for synchronization; contact info is continuous synchronized between PerfectLaw®, Outlook, and your wireless device
  • Outlook/PerfectLaw® synchronized contacts are available to all users subject to assigned security restrictions