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Paperless ePrebill

PerfectLaw Paperless ePrebill

With so many attorneys and staff working remotely, law firms are finding the steps involved with prebilling have grown exponentially. The process of bundling, delivering, printing, and picking the bills up is almost unmanageable. Incorporate paperless ePrebilling in your workflow and eliminate all those extra steps. Avoid the duplicate work of attorneys writing or typing changes and instructions on paper or PDFs.

While the move may seem overwhelming, ePrebilling will streamline your workflow and make it much easier to review, edit, and approve prebills. Since ePrebill edits are saved directly to PerfectLaw’s All-in-One database, final bills can be sent in a variety of ways. By having all your data in one location, this can supercharge the delivery process by automatically creating and emailing all batches of final bills to multiple clients all at once via a single “send” command.

Stop the frustration with awkward workflows. Go paperless with Paperless ePrebill and simply your life.


  • Easy: ePrebill is an intuitive mark-up system that simplifies and shortens the billing workflow and dramatically improves user productivity.
  • Short Implementation and Training Period: Firms are often up and running in one week. ePrebill has the flexibility to be rolled out incrementally one department at a time.
  • Increase Cash Flow: Billing processes- especially those that are paper based- are prone to lengthy edit and review workflows that delay client delivery and reduce cash flow. Typically, ePrebilling decreases the time to bill by two to three weeks and, according to some users, accelerates the delivery of client bills from weeks to just a few days.
  • Lower Cost: ePrebill reduces (and usually eliminates) the paper used in the prebill process, as well as the printing, shipping, and overnight delivery costs associated with routing and delivery, to branch offices and mobile staffers.


  • ePrebill lets a single user (attorney or staff) edit, fully prepare, and approve bills that can then be sent directly to the client. Of course, the process can be segregated and assigned to multiple staff members if you so choose.
  • Invoice balances are automatically calculated and displayed in real time throughout the editing process, eliminating repeated, manual calculations.
  • ePrebill also provides a markup panel so that users can see all of the changes redlined as prebills are being edited.
  • ePrebills are always stored in and accessed via PerfectLaw’s advanced document management system, DMS. Distributing and collecting of prebills (by email, etc.) is not necessary. Users simply open the prebills from the DMS when notified that they are ready for editing. Once editing is complete, the prebill is automatically saved back to the DMS for final billing and sending to the clients. Workflow routing is reduced and automated, thus freeing the billing department to do other things.
  • Billers can put a prebill on hold without needing to involve the billing department and defer billing until the next bill cycle.
  • Achieving accurate time and expense descriptions and correct balances that are in compliance with firm policies or client guidelines often requires compliance edits and adjustments. To expedite this process, users adjust bill descriptions and balances in various combinations as many times as necessary until the result is correct.