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Are you an Intellectual Property Firm?

Successful firms handle large caseloads with strict deadlines on a daily basis.  The need for quick, precise information storage and retrieval is critical to their success.  AIM®, the Attorney’s Information Manager, is the most comprehensive case management software on the market and is the right tool to support ever increasing case loads and client demands successfully.

Reasons to Choose PerfectLaw®

  • AIM® is the perfect product to provide users instant access to online files and helps keep digital desktops well organized.
  • AIM® online files contain ALL case information, including dockets, contacts, documents, and more. Each file is organized with tab sets or icons for quick, easy reference where all related contacts and events are tracked in real time.
  • AIM® is team-ware for the whole office where shared case files are contained in one database and where the whole team communicates effectively and productively via automated workflows.
  • Seamless Microsoft Office integration:
    • Attorneys can manage cases without leaving Outlook®
    • Legal assistants need only enter appointments in one calendar to be viewed across Outlook® and AIM®
    • Everyone can drag files, emails, and attachments to and from the proper case or matter
  • Full drag & drop technology between Windows, Outlook®, and AIM® folder makes document handling fast and easy
  • Captures billable time automatically while working in Outlook®, iPhone or iPad
  • Eliminates the need to search for information in multiple places
  • Provides an online Learning Center where users can learn at their own pace from video lectures by industry experts


These advantages are but a small sample of what makes PerfectLaw® great. Just ask our customers who have relied on PerfectLaw® for more than 30 years.