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For Partners & Office Managers

Are you an Intellectual Property Firm?

All-in-One® technology dramatically improves efficiency, productivity and the firm’s bottom line.  Using an All-in-One® database shared by everyone in the firm for everything, not only eliminates double entry, but provides synergy and advantages that are otherwise impossible to achieve. In addition to being a total solution with a friendly interface, PerfectLaw® offers the most reliable, powerful software for law offices on the market today.

PerfectLaw® is a full featured, All-in-One®, best of the breed technology that never compromises. It is based on solid engineering by a research and development group that is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of technology.

Reasons to Choose PerfectLaw®

  • BizRadar™, PerfectLaw’s® advanced business intelligence software, monitors, analyzes and helps control your firm’s operations by giving you greater insight and forecasting ability than ever before.  BizRadar™ helps increase revenue by supporting quick, quantitative business corrections through the use of real time graphically displayed Key Performance Indicators.
  • PerfectLaw’s® Practice and Financial Report Library is second to none and great for managers who prefer working with hardcopy
  • Online Learning Center…without effective training, technology can only take you so far. Our online learning center is a high octane, high quality, learning experience that provides:
    • Video lectures presented by industry experts
    • Interactive Q&A sessions with a personal instructor
    • Learning at your own pace, as you have time
    • Lower costs and increased convenience…no travel required
  • Paperless Workflow® not only controls the scanning process while imaging and converting paper docs to digital full text searchable docs, but stores them in the desired matter, routes them to selected recipients, and announces the arrival of each new doc to interested parties.
  • Proven track record…PerfectLaw® has over 30 years of reliability, service and leadership.

These advantages are but a small sample of what makes PerfectLaw® great. Just ask our customers who have relied on PerfectLaw® for more than 30 years.