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PLMobile for Time

Create, review, edit or delete — Anywhere, anytime.

As today’s workforce becomes more mobile, it is increasingly essential to satisfy the demands for speed and flexibility of information with the need for around the clock responsiveness to both the firm and client. To integrate the demands with these needs, PerfectLaw® introduces the PLMobile® line of products.

PLMobile®/Time allows remote users to enter time slips via the web. But unlike other web-based products, PLMobile®/Time also lets you enter time offline when you are not connected to the web. PLMobile® dynamically creates and updates a compact copy of the firm’s centralized database on your local PC which is updated and synchronized whenever you login via the web. PLMobile® gives you high-speed access and full functionality anywhere with the added flexibility that it can be used on any workstation, laptop, or desktop.


  • PLMobile® is set up as a browser favorite on your local PC in order to work offline or online
  • Data tables are synchronized and cached for lookup of data such as clients, matters, task or activity codes, on your local laptop or desktop for offline use
  • Create, edit, or delete time slips while offline, then add them to the office time sheet or post them for billing automatically next time you connect to the web


  • Time entries can be created, reviewed, edited or deleted - anywhere, anytime
  • Bills go out on time, since time slips can be instantly transmitted for billing each time a user logs in
  • Familiar PerfectLaw®/AIM® look and feel means no training time, thereby increasing productivity and streamlining workflow
  • Offline or online, users have access to the same features and functions available within the firm
  • PLMobile®/Time users are not affected if the firm billing system is down
  • Rollout and deployment in local and remote offices is fast and seamless