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PLMobile for Documents

Create, save and profile documents offline, just as you would online with the central database

As work forces become mobile and spend more time out of the office, the need for mobile document management continues to rise. To support mobile work at home, on the road, or in a plane, PerfectLaw® developed PLMobile®/Docs.

PLMobile®/Docs for document management allows remote and local users to easily share documents. But unlike other web-based products, PLMobile®/Docs also lets you export and check-out documents which can be edited while offline. Then, when back online, those documents can be uploaded to the firm’s database as a new version of the same document, or as a new document.

PLMobile® dynamically creates and updates a compact copy of the firm’s centralized database on your local PC, which is updated and synchronized whenever you login via the web. PLMobile® gives you high-speed access and full functionality anywhere with the added flexibility that it can be used on any workstation, laptop, or desktop.


  • Synchronize and cache lookup data such as clients, matters, document types, etc. on your local laptop or desktop for use offline
  • Export, import, check-out and check-in documents from your firm’s PerfectLaw® central document database in one step
  • Create, edit, and profile documents offline without being connected to the web, and synchronize them with the central database next time you connect to the web


  • Documents can be created, edited, and profiled – anywhere, anytime
  • No time wasted exporting and importing documents; document sets can be instantly synchronized with the central database each time a user logs in
  • User friendly: the familiar PerfectLaw®/AIM® look and feel means no training time, thereby increasing productivity and streamlining workflow
  • Whether offline or online, users have full speed and access to document management features and functions
  • PLMobile® is fault tolerant; should the online AIM® case management system become unavailable, PLMobile® users are not affected and can continue to work on their documents
  • Rollout and deployment in local and remote offices is fast and seamless