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Synchronize your records so they are available when you're on the go

Busy attorneys and staff must add and manage appointment and other records such as time slips, due dates, and tasks in several databases at once, often on the run. Whether they’re using an Android® or iPhone® to communicate and synchronize information between the PerfectLaw® firm database and their Microsoft® Outlook® or Microsoft® Exchange® system, PLSync is the tool that streamlines these activities. Busy attorneys can handle office records using their PDAs from any place and at any time – from the courthouse steps to the boardroom. There is no longer a need to duplicate steps in order to synchronize records. The application eliminates the problems of double entry, transcription errors, and the potential loss of data or billable time.


  • Bi-directionally synchronize contacts, appointments and tasks among databases, between PerfectLaw® and Microsoft® Exchange®
  • Validate client, matter and activity codes from Microsoft® Outlook® or your PDA
  • Create time slips and complete appointments/tasks from Microsoft®
    Outlook® or your PDA
  • Supports and tracks all Microsoft® Outlook® meeting actions real-time, including accepting or declining invitations, rescheduling appointments and tasks with automatic notification, and Microsoft® Outlook® or phone address book changes


  • Capture billable time automatically while working on your PDA
  • Secure your docketing events so they can’t be modified from Microsoft® Outlook® or your PDA
  • Work without fear of losing critical data, since it is backed up real-time in your office
  • Minimal user training since PLSync is server-based and works behind the scenes
  • Requires minimal workstation or phone setup
  • Works even if you decide to outsource your Microsoft® Exchange® server with a remote hosting service
  • Reduce dependency on clerical and secretarial assistance