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Document Archive

Easily restore archived documents without the need to call the IT department

Eventually document archiving is required to manage large doc databases effectively. As time passes and your database gets bigger and slower you ultimately realize LESS is MORE; Hence you need a tool like PerfectLaw® DMS Archive that not only reduces search times and the size of your database, but like Weight Watchers®, keeps the weight off if you follow the rules! DMS Archive does this by pruning the database automating via a doc archive and restore process using age and date based formulas; this pruning limits the size of the ACTIVE database!

PerfectLaw® DMS Archive utility automates both the archive and restore of documents and document profiles via age- and date-based formulas to improve both the speed and storage management.


  • Archiving actually moves docs for the ACTIVE database to a separate
    Archive database
  • Tag for Archive – Archiving docs begins by tagging of docs that should be
    moved from ACTIVE to archive
  • Selective blocking prevents specific docs or doc types from being
    archived even though they have been tagged
  • Restore – Restoring is the process of moving a set of documents from Archive back to the ACTIVE database
  • Advanced DataBrowser Views for ACTIVE and Archive databases support searching and reporting functions that include
    • Docs in the next archive set
    • Blocked docs
    • Archived docs
    • ACTIVE plus archived docs
    • Audit trails


  • Maintains a fast DMS and controls the size of the ACTIVE database
  • Eliminates the need for daily backup of inactive documents, while keeping them online
  • Reduces overall storage requirements via WinZip and other compression products
  • Allows users to instantly restore archived docs without calling the IT department or restoring from tape
  • Supports organized offsite archives
  • Supports improved disaster recovery