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Data Browser Search Engine

Detailed, Customized Search Results Without the Need to Know SQL

Efficient firms understand the need to quickly and accurately gather the information needed without wasting resources. After all, what is the purpose of having data if you cannot locate relevant content quickly and easily? PerfectLaw® delivers the most powerful, reliable, and fastest search engine so users are able to find what they need, when they need it. The PerfectLaw® Data Browser is an advanced search tool and fundamental element of AIM’s structure providing users with an intuitive search engine to locate the information quickly and easily. So, users can spend their time using the data found rather than wasting their time trying to learn how to locate it.

The PerfectLaw data browser is a powerful and fast search engine that can be used to search for anything within the PerfectLaw database, including documents, contacts, as well as completed and pending appointments.

The data browser allows you not only to perform simple searches, but you can also perform complex searches without the need to write a SQL query. You can also refer to search history and save search filters. You can even modify the appearance of the search results. That way, the search you want gives you the results you need as you want them to appear.

Since everything is connected within PerfectLaw, you can even open a client matter file from within the search results table.


  • Organize search filters by category
  • Access search history
  • Export search results to a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet or pivot table for further analysis
  • Quickly execute a personalized search with a double click
  • Easily create work lists for events, documents and matters
  • Drag and drop column headers to re-organize and customize search results
  • Easily sort search results in ascending/descending order by any column
  • Filter search results with search narrowing feature
  • Open documents, events and matters from search results window


  • Dramatically reduced learning curve since there is no need to know the
    SQL language to perform searches
  • Easily save personalized real-time work lists so users have instant
    updated access to their specific events, matters and documents with a
    double click
  • Save time by saving search filters and search history to rerun a search at
    a future date
  • Search for any data within the PerfectLaw® database