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Time and Billing

Effortless Transaction Processing

Efficient billing workflow combined with accurate tracking of time and expense records are signs of a well-run firm. Great systems should allow for effortless transaction processing, thereby ensuring firms capitalize on every potential opportunity to maximize revenue. Equally important is the ability to easily and accurately produce bills and monitor the revenue they produce. Poor systems are cumbersome, so managing time and expenses becomes difficult, billable monies are
missed, cost advances are not efficiently recovered, and profits are lost.

PerfectLaw® Time & Billing is a full-featured billing system which offers an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, several automatic time capturing features to ensure accurate tracking of daily activities, and the ability to request and apply trust and retainer funds. The cash receipts processor applies client payments at the timekeeper level, allowing for accurate, comprehensive attorney productivity reporting. And, with the added synergy only an All-in-One® system can provide, PerfectLaw® Time & Billing automatically creates time entries for front office workflow processes, profiles bills, allows users to work both on and offline, and much more.


  • Real-time stopwatch to track time on activities in progress
  • Electronic billing that includes several industry standard formats
  • Client and matter level billing
  • Attach images of invoices and other supporting documentation to client bills with Paperless Workflow®
  • Task based and electronic billing
  • Trust and retainer tracking and accounting
  • Export bills in multiple formats
  • Record and monitor retainer balances
  • Report and analyze attorney productivity for work-in-process, billing, and cash receipts
  • Dimensional analysis of billings, receivables, and attorney productivity
  • Monitor and capture cost recovery for client-related expenditures
  • Time values are automatically calculated during data entry and editing
  • Audit log of timeline changes recording who made what changes when
  • Transfer time and expenses from one matter to another in one step
  • Trust and prepaid/retainer tracking of funds applied to bills
  • Apply and/or reallocate cash receipts by client, matter, or bill with audit tracking
  • Interface to popular cost capturing products such as Equitrac or CopyTrac, to automatically recover copy, fax, phone, and postage charges


  • Simple, efficient time keeping system for attorneys
  • Powerful bill editing and processing design promotes maximum productivity
  • Attractive, easy to read bill formats result in fewer client questions and faster payment
  • Flexible drill-down report analysis options promote better informed decisions
  • Trust, retainer, and unapplied fund standards and regulations ensures compliance with ethical practices
  • Flexible billing allows for editing and reprinting as often as needed before posting, minimizing the need for reverse billing