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General Ledger

Product financial statements for various levels, including office, department, attorney and account

PerfectLaw® General Ledger helps you make well-informed decisions by offering you complete access to and control over all of your firm’s financial information. PerfectLaw’s advanced technology enables you to use multi-segmented account numbers and retain historical records, including budgets and prior years’ comparisons. It supports cash, modified cash, accrual or dual cash/accrual accounting. Ample functionality and reporting tools allow you to post to both your client matter and general ledgers, distribute overhead across profit centers, obtain real-time financial statements, and sort financial data by individual profit centers or for the entire firm. PerfectLaw® provides financial analysts with the utmost sophistication when it comes to having the ability to sort data, obtain reports, analyze trends, forecast financials and perform cash flow projections.


  • Multi-segment account numbers
  • Historical reporting
  • Maintain budgets - by account, by accounting period, by year
  • Record accounts receivable and accounts payable ledger postings
  • Distribute overhead expenses among profit centers
  • Real-time financial statements
  • Sort financial data by individual profit centers or for the entire firm
  • Cash, modified cash, accrual, or dual cash/accrual accounting


  • Easily identify under-performing profit centers
  • Analysis is simple with robust reporting and comparison tools
  • Wildcard setup means no additional maintenance is required when new profit centers are added