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Conflict Checker

Search and report on multiple names or parties simultaneously in one step

Detecting conflicts prior to working on new client matters or before acquisitions and mergers has become increasingly important, difficult and expensive, as the electronic universe expands and e-discovery becomes a way of life. Accepting client work that results in a conflict can damage client relationships and even result in malpractice lawsuits.

PerfectLaw® Conflict of Interest provides a fast and easy way to determine if a case should be refused or referred. It allows your staff to quickly and easily search contacts within the database for potential conflicts. And each time the firm accepts a new client or matter, the new parties and relationships are added to the firm’s database in support of future searches.


  • Relate parties to matters by way of pre-defined and/or custom relationships
  • Search all contact records and/or other fields in the database, including friends and non-clients
  • Route & distribute conflict reports to recipients’ desktops instantly without clogging e-mail
  • Review conflict reports on-line and quickly approve or veto matter opening, with or without on-line comments
  • Route & distribute interactive conflict grids or spreadsheets to recipients’ desktops instantly so reviewers can open All-in-One® matters with a single click


  • Reviewing an on-line conflict grid is much faster and more accurate than using reports
  • Minimize the firm’s insurance costs and potential exposure to liability by determining possible conflicts before beginning work on any matter
  • Eliminate the need to look up multiple matters
  • Quick and simple process allows work to begin sooner
  • Conflict Check Report can be circulated on paper or via e-mail, and can be stored on the network for comprehensive reviews and subsequent follow-up