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A/P Check & Invoice Imaging

Instantly display, print or e-mail scanned invoices and signed check from within the vendor file or DMS

Staggering numbers of paid vendor invoices, as well as the copies of the signed checks that paid them, can create a major processing problem that is often-overlooked. At the same time, the need to respond quickly and accurately to clients’ inquiries about vendor payments and requests for supporting documentation is critical. The consequences of a poorly organized system include not just excessive labor and storage costs, but also the negative impact on client goodwill from delays caused by inefficient tracking efforts.

The AP Invoice and Check Imaging feature enhances PerfectLaw® Paperless Workflow® by providing users with effortless imaging of hard copy invoices and signed checks. Invoices are scanned in batches as users process new entries, and corresponding payment checks are scanned via an automated batch process once printed and signed. All tracking is then done electronically, providing the staff with the responsiveness they need and want.


  • Invoice images are stored for easy searching and retrieval, reprinting, and emailing to clients
  • Images are linked to vendors, matters and clients for quick lookup
  • Scanned invoices automatically appear when entering new invoices
  • Conveniently append thumbnail images of invoices to a client bill
  • Email a copy of an invoice, quickly and easily
  • Invoice images can be stored simultaneously in the Back Office
    and Front Office systems with PerfectLaw® All-in-One®


  • Easily retrieve and e-mail or reprint imaged invoices and signed checks, saving time and ensuring prompt responsiveness to clients’ requests
  • Reduces storage costs
  • Eliminates manual processing and filing of paper-based invoices
  • Reproduce lost documents on demand
  • Increases efficiency of invoice processing, billing, accounting, and auditing
  • Saves time by improving the speed of invoice and signed check retrieval