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All PerfectLaw® applications share a common user interface for ease of use and share a common master database containing client, matter, billing, scheduling and case information. Database sharing eliminates the time, cost and complexity of maintaining multiple databases that occur when firms implement applications from different vendors.

Back Office - Financial Management

PerfectLaw® Back Office Software is a comprehensive suite of applications that include:

The PerfectLaw® system is one of the fastest, most powerful systems on the market today.

Back Office features include:

  • Full screen, interactive data entry which can be centralized or
    distributed to secretarial workstations over a network
  • Time entry and time tracking
  • Expense tracking
  • Trust accounts
  • Write-offs
  • Bills
  • Receivables
  • Automatic hassle-free posting of expenses
  • Ability to enter adjusting and recurring journal entries
  • Check writing
  • Fees and costs saved in a detailed history file for easy auditing
  • Instant access to up-to-date checking account balances
  • Vendor tracking and automatic Form 1099 preparation at the end of the year

PerfectLaw® Software supports complex billing procedures for electronic and task-based billing as well as a wide variety of billing formats and customer statements.

The PerfectLaw® Reporting System is unmatched in the industry. Features include printing and auto-profiling single and user defined report sets as well as exporting to industry standard file formats such as .doc, .pdf, .xls, .rtf, or .txt for presentation or additional analysis. Furthermore, although users have access to a complete library of productivity and management reports, with the system's user-friendly interface, reports can be easily modified and custom layouts can be created then added to a user's personal directory of reports.


Front Office - Case Management

PerfectLaw® Software offers a complete Front Office Software package, which includes:

...all of which are easily accessible through AIM®, the Attorney's Information Manager.

Front Office Software features include:

  • Reminders and alarms
  • Group scheduling
  • Related parties
  • Easy-to-access case status and information screens with a user-friendly interface for customization
  • Document profiling with client, matter, date, document type, and keywords
  • Ability to perform simple or complex searches for names, events, documents or case information
  • Automatic profiling of bills
  • Rules-based scheduling with the ability to link forms to each appointment/task so a document can be merged days later with a single mouse click

PerfectLaw® also supports full text searching, browser based remote access, remote access through wireless technology and terminal server software, as well as integration with Office365, Outlook or Adobe Acrobat.